Information in English regarding Lindängen referendum

5 September a referendum regarding the nursing home Lindängen is being held. Early voting starts 23 August.


16 June 2020 the social- and welfare commitee made the decision to close the nursing home Lindängen in Ekedalen as a means to adapt the budget.

Ekedalens communal association have since submitted a petition along with a list of the amount of signatures needed to plead for a referendum. The headline on list of signatures read ”The peoples initiative let Lindängenlive – Safety, care in a great living environment”.

In January 2021 the city council decided that a referendum was to be held. In June it was agreed that it will be held 5 September 2021 with the possibility to vote early from 23 August.

The question of the referendum formulates:
"Do you think the nursing home Lindängen will remain?".
Its possible to vote yes, no or blank.

Early voting

Early voting is being held between 23 August and 4 September in the public library on Södra Kungsvägen 8.

To cast a vote you need a valid ID and a vote card. If you are not able to cast your vote yourself, an appointee kan do it for you. The appointee needs to have a valid ID.

Your vote card is being sent to your adress of residence before 23 augusti. If you havent received your vote card or do not carry it with you, it is possible to issue a new one at the early vote station. You can also order a new one by calling 0502-60 66 80.

Here you can download a PDF with graphic instructions how to cast your vote early. Pdf, 1.1 MB.

Opening hours:

23 augusti kl. 10-18
24 augusti kl. 10-16
25 augusti kl. 10-18
26 augusti kl. 10-18
27 augusti kl.10-16
28 augusti kl. 10-13
30 augusti kl. 10-18
31 augusti kl. 10-16
1 september kl. 10-18
2 september kl. 10-18
3 september kl. 10-16
4 september kl. 10-13

Voting a the voting station

Tidaholms municipality is divided into 7 voting districts. The vote card states wich your designated voting station are. You cannot cast a vote at other voting stations than your designated. On the vote card you can find the address to the voting station.

The voting stations will be open 9-18 on 5 September.

Here you can download a PDF with graphic instructions on how to cast your vote. Pdf, 760.4 kB.

Voting with a dissability

If you have any disability that prevents you from casting your vote at the voting- or early voting stations you can receive help voting. Please contact Tidaholms kommun via 0502-60-66-80 or send an email to


Marie Anebreid


Telefon: 0502-60 66 80



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