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School and child care in Sweden

In Sweden all children must attend elementary school. Pre-school, pre-school class, upper-secondary school and Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) for adults is optional.

A fee is charged when you register a child for pre-school. Pre-school classes, elementary school, upper-secondary school and SFI are free of charge.

Pre-school, children aged 1-6

Your child can attend pre-school from the age of one. Children can begin a pre-school class from the age of six. Both pre-school and pre-school classes are optional. Children attend pre-school while their parents are working, studying, on an internship or similar. Everyone has the possibility of putting their child in pre-school for 15 hours a week. There is sometimes a queue before you get a place in pre-school.

Elementary school, children aged 7-16

All children attend elementary school from the age of 7 and it is compulsory. School is compulsory from grades 1 to 9, i.e. nine years.

Upper-secondary school

After finishing elementary school, most young people study at upper-secondary school for three years. Upper-secondary school prepares young people for continued studies at university or for work life.

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)

If you have a permanent residence permit and are registered resident of Tidaholm but lack basic Swedish language skills, you can apply to attend Swedish For Immigrant classes (SFI). Applications are filled in at Kompetens Centrum (Centre for Competence).

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