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Envinorment and surroundings

To make sure that everyone enjoys living in our municipality, we must take shared responsibility for keeping it clean and tidy.

The municipality is responsible for providing everyone with clean water and for collecting household waste. But to help us take our share of the responsibility, you must do what you can to keep the municipality tidy.


We request that you only flush liquid and solid waste (“number one” and “number two”) and toilet paper in the toilet – nothing else.

Sorting of waste

To help reduce waste, please sort your waste before you throw it away. Plastic, paper and other sortable items should be put in the designated recycling stations. You can read more about how to recycle packaging here:

Link to required language at: ftiab.selänk till annan webbplats

All unsorted waste goes in the bins for household waste (”hushållssopor”). Household waste is put in waste bins and is collected by waste collection trucks.

Any items that are too large or bulky to fit inside the recycling container or waste bin, you are responsible for transporting them to the refuse dump for disposal.

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